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European tourist attractions software prices

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Talking travel Europe, many Vietnamese travelers startled: too expensive. A trip usually lasts 10-15 days, over three to five countries, with standard food, accommodation and procurement of the income calculated in U.S. dollars, Euros. Go here, many new tour price will soft launch is an opportunity for tourists to enjoy in Europe.

I do the same to ... Europe

"Many institutions old Budapest, with its old but this is a beautiful city, ancient and peaceful. Budapest consists of two parts: Buda is the ancient city with palaces, churches ... beautiful , while the Pest side is the new modern city but Deleting more than "a religious tourism forum ttvnol share.


If members are still rolling tones, "believers" is also a thorough consultation on security, travel, eat, play where, how shopping in Budapest.

As with PV VietNamNet, Mr. Nguyen Minh Tam - Overseas Vietnamese Poland, last year with his family just 6-7 turns to Europe, also warned that: "In Europe, remember not to ignore the famous sights in Budapest, especially when looking back on the boat when Danuyp downstream. "

As a desire to discover the beauty of life and that this, his mind had "escaped" his wife and children wandering through a beautiful fibers in Europe.

Lam Tu Khoi, Deputy Foreign travel company Saigontourist, said travelers often avoid Vietnam to Europe in winter by the cold unfamiliar pitch.

The common European tour organized by seasons, in association with the festival represents. The trip departs on the occasion or the March to May to guests is "no" comes with the famous flower festival Luy drugs in the Netherlands or the German beer festival (October) ...

Despite the recession and "Ghost," Influenza A (H1N1), the delegation remains busiest in the country to Europe.

In Saigon, some retail customers remains as hundreds of people last year. MICE (combined conferences and seminars with travel) is relatively good, with 15 delegations in 6-7/2009. Vietravel per month is about 2 to 4 groups depending on the season, averaging 16 passengers per group. Along with the purchase of insurance prevent flu, most foreign tourists out of the travel companies remains stable.

Price disadvantage

The tour cost structure, hotel, transportation accounted for nearly 70%. Therefore, reduction in food and travel is the best way to save. Normally, the tour of Vietnam tour operators usually charge the same price of EUR very real benefit of this money going up strongly, such as last time.

"We have tried to force partners to reduce costs, or to request tickets cheap transportation, and service prices in Europe shall not be lower. For the airlines, most of the flights in transit to third countries three should also higher costs. We only Vietnam Airlines has direct flights to France is very difficult to get cheap tickets, "Mr. Block said
Therefore, unlike other tours to Thailand, China or Hong Kong, a European tour price is high, only for subjects with high incomes.

For example, travel Advanced European Summer Discover (through three countries France - Belgium - Netherlands) along the A380 super aircraft Saigontourist cost 57.9 million ($ 3,250 / person / double occupancy) or tour France - Belgium - Netherlands - Germany - Italy is 76.5 million VND / pax (€ 3,150 / person) must be in double rooms, three.

Tour rates lowest in Europe is € 2,799 Vietravel, the highest to almost € 4,000.

According to Mr. Block, the price is too high because so many customers, though wealthy, but then decided to switch back to Australia, Korea ...

However, Nguyen Minh Man, right Vietravel Head of Communications, said the company had never met in this case. Coming up, Vietravel Tour will move to the same money the company will incur losses on the exchange rate up and down, not customers.

However, Nguyen Cong Hoan, deputy director of the center Hanoi Redtours international travel, for that, for customers to Europe, the tour price is usually not the main problem. Complex problems is visa procedures for screening passengers, especially do not go for tourist purposes.

"There are many different requirements that the travel documents to prepare procedures and timely advice to customers flexibility to change. For example, customers age 50-60, to require marriage or birth is difficult because sometimes lost, "he said Hoan.

Moreover, customers also must prove financially, not just savings books, money in the account but is stocks, bonds ... Tour operators should be consulted to rapidly meet customers and still meet the conditions of visa from the Embassy, so that's hard.

Go as low as winter

Sharing secrets "heart" to go soft European prices, Aspen Travel Company representatives said the trip 10 - 15 days then you should choose 4-5 of the medium, so there will be three days in each and visiting the country to move. Most economical and comfortable travel is by bus (the tour) or by train.

With limited time, from country to another country you should go at night, just as morning arrived.



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